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I love to invent stories, draws and paints and this activities incentive me to create "The (Curious) Disappearance of Pajamas 881", designed for those who like to see a lot of drawing, read kids books and make art too!
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Here you will meet the characters, enter Moringa's Magic Pajambrary to see some of the infinite pajamas she has, explore the book further and you will still be able to download pajamas to paint, cut, hang, create scenarios with them, new stories and other things that you create!
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Lu Paternostro    

Lu Paternostro

Download pajamas
to color and play!

Now you are the artist!

Play and explore the book

Play and explore
the book

In every story we can discover other stories.
How about exploring "The (Curious) Disappearance of Pajamas 881" and create new stories too?

Moringa's Magic Pajambrary

Moringa Magical Pajambrary

Library, Map Library … And Pajambrary???
Magical Pajambrary is the enchanted closet where Moringa's pajamas collection lives! And it is magic because always grows....

The Characters

The Characters

Who is Astroldo? What about Ms. Creolina? Did you know that you have a hidden character, the Hanger Jorge? Meet the characters that make the story of "The (Curious) Disappearance of Pajamas 881" 

Moringa Glossary

Moringa Glossary

There are certain words in the book that can have some other meanings for Moringa who loves seeing new things in already known ones!


Gato Amarelo de Olho Azul
Yellow Cat with Blue Eyes

An occasional and very enigmatic passerby. He walks unfazed through the streets of the Moringa neighborhood. He has big lazy eyes. He is naughty and affectionate. Moringa always sees him looking at her and doesn't quite understand why!

Dona Creolinda
Ms. Creolinda

You may notice, but everyone has a boring, gossipy neighbor to call their own! And Moringa is no different, as she also has hers. Ms. Creolinda collected something much stranger than pajamas. She collected the secrets of others!

A mãe da moringa
Moringa's Mother

I don't know her name, because Moringa never told me. All I know is that she's a very brave and orderly person, but happy, because she likes Moringa's quirks a lot. She finds it strange that her daughter likes pajamas so much, but she is all affectionate when she sees Moringa playing, talking and discovering new stories with them.

Farofa Vira Lata da Moringa
Farofa, a super street dog

Farofa is Moringa's loved friend! It is always by your side, but he doesn't like to be grabbed by anyone. Sometimes he has a fit and licks everyone! Farofa is smart, but very lazy. In fact, like all puppies that live in peace, he sleeps almost all day!

Astroldo, a curious traveler 

Astroldo is a Moringa protective little friend, who lives in a small spaceship. He navigates the planets listening to fun music and eating colored balls of light, which explode in his mouth leaving a pleasant smell in the air. He approaches of Moringa whenever he hears or notices something strange!

Balão vermelho Rosa
The Red-Pink Balloon

I'll leave it to you to tell me who he is this magical and enigmatic character.  

Cabide Jorge
Hanger Jorge

This one in Moringa's room is the Canger Jorge. Moringa speak with him from time to time. But only once in a while it has mania for telling old stories.
Jorge see and listen, quiet, a lot of crazy things happening in Moringa's room, even in other dimensions! 


Moringa is a very cheerful girl, in love with pajamas. For her, pajamas are “travel clothes”, full of stories, that take her to fantastic places while she sleeps, day or night! Very creative, she is always open to exploring everything around her, as she understands the life as a magical place, full of unusual possibilities and therefore very, very fun!
Her name means a brazilian clay pot, that store water and keeps it super fresh. Moringa is a container of fresh ideas. 




It's an effect that looks like magic and that happens in the sky (or out of it too). Moringa's eyes, when lit up with new ideas, are as colorful as a rainbow.



They are curious animals that change color and have a long, sticky tongue to hunt animals and eat. Moringa likes to hear stories of her chameleon pajamas because they are so colorful.



It's the same thing as odor, stench, breath, "bodum", stink, "inhaca". Strong and unpleasant smell. "Catinga". In the case of Farofa, it keeps what has the owner's scent, but it can have foot odor and other "futuns"!


Spinning Top

The spinning tops are beautiful toys that transform when they are spining. Moringa loves to spin, spin, spin, because she felt like a big spinning top. When she spin, like a spinning top, she realizes the world differently and that is really, but really cool!



The yo-yo is one of the oldest toys in the world and it is very curious because it gets stuck on our finger and when we play it, it goes away and comes back! Moringa dissolved the clouds of her dream by throwing yo-yos into them. They become colorful, exploded their multicolored rays on top of the clouds and came back bright, making everything even more fun!

Genio da Lampada

Genie of the Lamp

The Genie of the Lamp is a magical character who was trapped in an even more magical lamp and that if we free him, he will perform our wishes. Moringa freed him, but annoyed him so much because she wanted to know where her Pajamas 881. The Genie came back to the magical lamp and farted, to keep her away! "What a stinking genius," said the Yellow Cat!

Vermelho po de Ruge

Rouge Powder Red

“Rouge” is “red” in French. Rouge powder is a makeup in powder form, with shades that make the cheeks redder. When Moringa's mom gets angry she looks like this, with rouge powder cheeks or "a red face woman"!


Planet Saturn

Saturn is the only planet that has rings! Moringa was so desperate to find her pajamas that she flew all the way to Saturn to see if it wasn't there, hanging from one of its rings.

via lactea

Milky Way

Did you know that "Via Lactea" in Latin means Milk Way? So, it is something so immense, but so immense that it is not even understandable if we compare it to our house, table, chair, etc. Moringa traveled through the vastness of the Milky Way to look for her beloved Pajamas! Can it? A really crazy, don´t you think? 

Pajamas to color and play!

Pajamas to color
and play!

Download 20 pajamas from Moringa's Magical Pajambrary to color, cut out, hang around the house, make comics, tell new stories. Create with them!

Magic Pajambrary

Moringa Magical Pajambrary

Enter here and take a closer look at almost 100 pajamas from
the Moringa collection, a collection
that always grows, toward infinite!

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